Temple London Students Adjust to Life in London

Temple study abroad students have been in London for just about a month. While adjusting to a new city and culture can be an experience in itself, some students have taken the chance to partake in daily life as Londoner. Temple junior Jamie Martorana, has taken time to indulge in one of Britain’s favorite past times, afternoon tea.

“Everyone’s been very nice and friendly and asking me about America and telling me things about London,” said Temple junior Jamie Martorana. “So far it’s been a great experience.”

However, there has been one question from the Brits that’s caught Jamie a little by surprise.

“I had a man on the bus ask me if I knew Chuck Norris,” said Martorana. “I do not know Chuck Norris, I wish I knew Chuck Norris.”

Jamie’s experiences are just a small insight into what Temple students are experiencing here in London.

Culture shock and adjusting to a new environment comes at a different pace for each individual student, and this first month in London has been a definite learning experience for all.

Jade Jarvis and KaRa Dorman will be reporting for Temple Update while in London for the rest of the Spring ’14 semester. Stay tuned for all things London. 

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