Students Discuss Upcoming Finals Week

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“I am very, very nervous about my final exam,” says student Nina Sjostrom, a Management Information System major.

For most college students, finals week is the busiest week of the semester. All kinds of exams and papers pour in. Some students feel busy and nervous, while some students feel relaxed.

Temple student Tricia Cappelli says that she usually chooses to review at home, because other places make her feel more pressure.

“[I’m] like a little nervous, but I try not to stress too much. ‘Cause I know if I stress a lot, then I will do worse,” student Tricia Cappelli says.

“It is a quite regular feel of our dally life, so I do not feel very special for the coming final assignment,” says engineering student Jun Chen.

During finals week, the library and TECH Center tend to be places of great demand.

Junying Lu says that she usually studies at either of these locations. There are places called “quiet zones,” which are helpful for her.

Nina Sjostrom gives insight into her study plans, saying, “I will get a breakout room in the library with other students in my class who have the final exam, or I will study at home by myself.”

When asked if they had something to help review for finals, almost everyone said they will drink coffee.

“I definitely drink lots of coffee when I’m cramming. ‘Cause it helps me focus more and stay up later,” Cappelli says.

“I definitely do drink a lot of coffee,” expressed Sjostrom. “During finals week I probably drink four cups a day. But I am coffee addict so that’s not normal.”

Finals week runs December 14th through December 20th.


Tech Center hours during final week:

Wednesday, December 6th – Tuesday, December 19th: Open 24 hours daily, including weekends
Wednesday, December 20th: 9:30 PM closing


Library hours during final week:

Thursday, December 14th December 19th: Open 24 hours

Wednesday, December 20th: 8:00 PM closing

New Food Option on Campus: Uncle Lee LunchBox

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Since the 1960s, food trucks have helped define Temple’s food culture. Some students saw business opportunities before they completed their studies. Hongrui Zhang is one of them. In the summer of this year, he applied for his license and began his homemade LunchBoxes.

“I came up with this business idea when I see a huge demand [from the] international student body, who is looking for authentic Chinese food elsewhere other than restaurants and food trucks,” said Hongrui Zhang.

The material used in Uncle Lee’s LunchBoxes is freshly grown. Uncle Lee’s family has a vegetable garden, where many kinds of vegetables in the LunchBoxes come from. This includes peppers, carrots, and beans.

Since the Uncle Lee LunchBox business has just started, it is applying to become a member of Temple University food trucks. They accept mobile reservations now and they provide delivery services around 12:00 PM every day.

“Our LunchBox mainly serves chicken, pork, beef, and sometimes shrimp. [It’s] two dishes, one meat, one vegetable, plus rice. It is a platter that sells for $9.00 and deliver[s] every day,” Hongrui Zhang said.

Students can text 267-475-5703 to make the reservation for the next day’s LunchBox. They will provide the next day’s menu a day in advance.

Grad School Week 2017

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Temple University Career Grad School Week has kicked off and with it comes a variety of events tailored to help students to apply for graduate school and their future careers.

The Temple University Career Center provides all Temple students and alumni with a full range of services to optimize their future career. This week, it is hosting “Grad School Week.”

“I found it would be really helpful for me, because I am in the process of applying for graduate schools. I think this event will prepare me better for my GRE test and drafting a good personal statement,” Senior Accounting Major student Junying Lu said. She also said that she is most interested in the personal statement and GRE training because those are two parts with which she is struggling.

“I have heard of ‘Grad School Week’ and I think it is a great opportunity for students to get to further education. And [in the] 21st century, having more than just a bachelor’s degree is very important. So I think it is a great opportunity,“ said Senior Accounting Major student, Chris Cappelli.

Grad School Week will provide students with many services. This event is not only for students who will soon face graduation, but also for all students who might be thinking about their future career. Senior Career Coach Mark Kaloko talked to Temple Update about the week:

“It is really an excellent event series. For [the] longest time, we always had events for students who want to go into first time employment, but we really wanna make sure we have a series that is all for students who are interested in going to graduate school,” Kaloko said.

Mr. Kaloko also said that this is the fifth year for the event. They have different workshops for all students who are interested in going to graduate school, whether be law, medicine, business or education.

“For this particular series, we are going to have workshop on ‘how you actually prepare to go to graduate school?’ ‘What kind of materials do you need?’ We are also going to have a section on personal statements, so ‘what kind of personal statement do you need for graduate school?’” Kaloko said.


On October 25th from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, students had the opportunity to stop by Ritter Hall to learn what is required for admission into the graduate and professional school programs, and explore components of the application process.

On October 26th from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, students can stop by Ritter Hall for a Personal Statement Workshop, which will give the opportunity to learn tips and tricks that will help share a story to stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

On October 27th from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, students can stop by Ritter Hall for a GRE Strategy Session.

On October 31st from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, students can stop by Ritter Hall to learn about service programs and other learning opportunities to pursue after graduation.

On November 1st from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, students can meet with representatives from the region’s top graduate programs at the Student Center, Room 200.

International Students at Temple University

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There are nearly 2000 international students from more than 110 countries that attend Temple University every year.

There are language barriers, students can get homesick, and sometimes it’s difficult to adapt to new cultures. Temple University tries to make it a little easier for students to adapt.

“My office is responsible for issuing the documents that allow students to get a Visa and come here to study in a student status. Once they are here we assist them with anything that they need,” said Joan McGinley, Interim Director of International Student and Scholar Services.

International Student and Scholar Services devote themselves to provide an array of services for all international students.

“I was very shy like most international students before I came to Temple. Over the few years of studying, I gained a lot of professional knowledge and developed my leadership,” said Xiqing Xu, an international student and teaching assistant in the finance department. “Temple University has a lot of friendly professors. And also the students are really welcoming and nice enough to help others… And that was also the reason why I became a TA; because I want to help other students as well.”

This semester, Xu acts as Vice President of Ascend, a student professional organization through the Fox School of Business.

“Temple has so many organizations like Ascend that welcome international students and offer additional help. Ascend had international student workshops to help students to explore their future careers after graduation,” said Xu.

To make an appointment with International Student and Scholar Services, students can go to to schedule an appointment at their office, located at 1415 N Broad Street. Walk ins are also accepted.

For more information about Ascend, contact Brandon Luu at