Anderson and Gladfelter Construction in Final Phases

The construction at Anderson and Gladfelter Halls is soon to be finished.

Construction workers are putting the finishing touches on the renovations to the walkway and terrace between the two buildings.

The university closed portions of Polett Walk and the Terrace Level in August 2019.

“We anticipate so that when the spring semester starts, in whatever fashion it starts, this will be open and we will have tables and chairs and things for students to enjoy up here,” says project manager Julie Wiley.

A new green area, trees and other plants are some of the final features to be added to the nearly 50,000 sq. ft. terrace.

“This is going to be a big lawn panel, that’s going to be open for students to relax on, lay out on, you know do whatever, they’d be doing at the Bell Tower, they can do up here,” says Wiley.

Along with an open grassy area, plants create a relaxing atmosphere for students.

“There’s going to be planters and trees and things like that around the perimeter. Having a large green area up here is going to provide students with some much needed relaxation and outdoor space,” says Wiley.

Although the fall semester is coming to a close, Wiley says the remainder of Polett Walk will open within a week or two.

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