More Hybrid Courses, Enhanced Testing Next Semester

Lots of changes are on the way next semester, including a new blended class structure different from what students experienced in the fall. Twenty percent of classes at Temple are expected to be taught in person in the spring, an increase from the five percent of essential in-person courses conducted this semester.

Some students, though, are hesitant to register for a hybrid course load.

I don’t really know exactly what classes I’m going to need to take for this semester, a lot of mine I need an override for like my College of Education classes so I’m not really sure, especially with it being all online, how to do that,” says sophomore DeAhna Fisher.

Sophomore Angel Concepcion says, “I’m just gonna do all online anyway, to play it safe.”

The university has outlined its plan to keep in-person classes safe, including de-densified labs, studios, and classrooms where students can safely social distance.

Temple will also be expanding their COVID-19 testing program by requiring all students living on-campus or taking in-person classes to be tested twice a week. Students living off-campus and enrolled in a fully remote course load will have the option of being tested once per week, but it will not be required. The tests will be free of charge. You can read the full statement from President Richard Englert here.

Temple is also encouraging students to continue maintaining healthy behaviors by following the four public health pillars: wearing a mask, maintaining six feet of distance from others, washing your hands, and monitoring your health.

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