Temple Introduces New Registration System

Temple University is rolling out a new registration system aimed at making the process of planning schedules easier for students.

“I think this offers students a lot more options in terms of planning for their academic careers,” says Temple University Advisor Nina Latassa. “They can create up to five plans at a time, which I think is very helpful for them. They can see the days, and it essentially allows them to pre-register, so they don’t have to do a lot come registration day.”

The new system feature of being able to plan classes beforehand is a welcome one to many students.

When asked about how he felt about the new system, Media Studies and Production student Massimo Marchiano said, “I really like that you can [plan your classes]. It’s nice that you can just wake up, press save, and then wake up in the morning, add that plan right away without having to type in the CRNs. It was very convenient, and a lot less stressful.”

With this semester being the first time students are introduced to the new system, Temple advising is hopeful that the new way to register will make things both quicker, and easier for students everywhere.


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