BloomTU Presidential Forum Co-Hosted by Temple Update

BloomTU addresses alleged misconduct, community relations in presidential forum.

Temple Update alongside The Temple News and WHIP Radio hosted a forum for BloomTU to talk about their campaign platform.

BloomTU addressed several issues including ListenTU suspending their campaign as well as the ethical misconduct allegations made by ListenTU.

ListenTU claims that the current Temple Student Government administration allegedly provided BloomTU with an unfair advantage by not honoring their concerns about running a campaign amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the topic of advocating for an in-person commencement, presidential candidate, Quinn Litsinger says a possible way to celebrate the Class of 2020 is to re-purpose Founder’s Day in the Fall semester, if there is not another spike of COVID-19 cases over the summer.

Strengthening the relationship between the Temple community and the surrounding neighborhoods is one of the first goals vice president of external affairs candidate Larice Mejia aims to address. She says she plans on collaborating with local community organizations to foster those relationships.

Mejia says discussing the topic of an on-campus stadium could strengthen the relationship between Temple and the surrounding community. BloomTU is opposed to a stadium and says they would possibly re-release a survey to gather fresh statistics on whether the student body still concurs with the decision not to build.

Vice president of services candidate, Mark Rey, and Mejia, both say they can bring a fresh perspective to the table, having not come from a TSG background.

Litsinger, the current TSG director of government affairs says he balances out the duo, making it so that both VP candidates understand the ins and outs of TSG, and that they can effectively accomplish the goals of their administration that benefit the student body the most.

Students can cast their vote via TUportal on Tuesday, April 14 and Wednesday, April 15.

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