BREAKING: Temple University Student Killed by Miami Police

Hithon was pursuing a Political Science degree in Temple’s College of Liberal Arts.

Temple University student Cariann Denise Hithon was shot and killed by Miami Police on Sunday after allegedly running over a Miami Beach officer with her car.

Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates confirmed that Hithon was driving a black BMW when she crashed into multiple vehicles and then fled the scene.

When police arrived and prompted the 22-year-old to exit the vehicle, she allegedly accelerated and ran over an officer. Police then fired several shots, striking Hithon.

Hithon and the officer, identified as David Cajuso, were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where Hithon died. Cajuso was later released.

A man who was in the car with Hithon was taken for questioning.

Hithon’s father told CBS4 that his daughter, who was from Bowie, Maryland, was in Miami to celebrate her 22nd birthday. She was a transfer student studying political science and philosophy.

Police have not announced the name of the officer involved in the shooting, which remains under investigation.

Temple Student Government has released a statement about the death of Hithon.

“This has been a painful semester, Owls. We know. We hear you. We see you. We support you,” the statement read. “We will continue to push unity and peace through these times because pain is always easier to deal with when you have people surrounding and encouraging you.”

Students are encouraged to utilize Tuttleman Counseling Services at 1700 N. Broad Street. More information can be accessed online or at 215-204-7276.

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