Empower TU Wins TSG Election

The polls have closed, the votes have been counted and Temple students have a new government coming into office in just a few weeks.

Empower TU received 32% of the votes, making them the new administration to reside in the Temple Student Government office after their swearing in April 18th. This year’s voter turnout was less than last years by 470 votes.

Empower TU is comprised of Presidential Candidate Aron Cowen, Vice President of Services Candidate Kelly Dawson and Vice President of External Affairs Candidate Jai Singletary. You can watch what they told Temple Update at the announcement below.

Temple Update’s Hannah McComsey was there for the announcement and spoke with Cowen and Singletary on their thoughts and what comes next for their team.

While Dawson was not able to be present for the announcement she did give a statement that was read by campaign manager Tykee James.

Empower TU will take office April 18th at the Temple Student Government meeting at 4 pm.

To find out more on Empower TU’s platform, you can read our profile on them.

For more information on Temple Student Government and their elections, don’t miss our TSG Elections Webisode.

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