New Library Construction Update

The completion date for the new library has been pushed back a year.

The library was expected to open in May 2018, but the building will not be ready for occupancy until May 2019. Dean of Libraries, Joe Lucia, says a change in the original design from last summer is to blame for the delay in construction.

Despite construction being behind schedule, the first piece of technology for the library was airlifted into the site in mid-October. The technology is called Robotic Automated Storage and Retrieval System, which is also known as Bookbot. This system is being used in other college libraries all over the country. When students want to check out a book that is stored in the vault with the Bookbot, they will use a database to search.

“The Bookbot employs essentially a computer controlled crane that rides down the rail, it’s got a lift mechanism that then rises up to the location where the item is, pulls out this metal bin, and brings it forward and delivers it to a pick up station,” says Lucia.

With the addition of this technology, Lucia says that the new open floor space will be more user-friendly than Paley Library is now.

“We could add in other services and functions that we cannot accommodate here [Paley]. Additional classrooms, visualization studios, and some really cool things that will make the learning environment very dynamic in this building,” Lucia said.

The new library will have more than double the amount of space for students to study and utilize than Paley.

The project is still on target for the original budget of $170,000,000 despite the delay in construction.

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