Officially Charles: New Library Dedication Ceremony Honors Trustee’s Historic Donation

On Thursday afternoon, Temple University pulled back the curtain on the new Charles Library entrance signs.

These signs and red velvet ropes welcomed a few hundred special guests, alumni and elected officials to the facility for a special dedication ceremony honoring trustee Steve Charles’ historic ten-million-dollar donation to the project.

“This is an investment. An investment in the potential of our students, of our faculty and of our local community; not just today, but for generations to come” Temple University President Richard Englert said in his speech to the crowd.

“This is a beautiful building and a beautiful space. When I walked in and it was just stunning to see the way it turned out and the finishes here, it is just a high-class building and high-class space, so congratulations to everyone involved” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said during his remarks.

Before special guests explored the new building, Trustee Steve Charles talked about his visions for the building and largely why he helped fund the building.

“Every time I have a conversation with a student, a faculty member, a dean, people in the administration, fellow trustees – I’m inspired. And so, I envision this place becoming the public square more of those kinds of conversations can occur” Charles said.

He continued “I’m excited when I think about the – literally, it will be hundreds of thousands of students that come through here during this building’s lifetime. Maybe even millions.”

The University is hosting “A Celebration of Charles” Thursday afternoon for students and faculty to experience the VR studio in the Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio and take pictures on the un-opened rooftop terrace.

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