Owlcappella Prepares for Release of New EP

Owlcappella, one of the six acappella groups at Temple, prepares to release their new EP Out of the Owls Nest March 29th.  The co-ed acappella group relies on fan support and this semester were able to shatter their fundraising goals by 15%.

Two Owlcappella members, Kevin Chemidlin and Sean Woody, shared with us what it was like to see the out pour of financial support.

“Last year, our goal was $4,000 and we only raised around $1,500 so this year to see it go above and beyond, time and half of what our goal was last year was just…”

They would eventually be able to raise more than $6,000 by using the crowd-funding website “Indie-Go Go.”

Returning for the second time to Silvertone studios, the group felt right at home and were able to take a more creative approach than they had before.  “We were confident, we were good, we were very structured about it. We’re out of the nest, we’re leaving the nest, Becoming something more about to take flight” commented Nick Kelly, Senior, on learning from the previous recording experience and applying it to their new EP.

With the many acappella groups at Temple, Owlcappella feels that their unique bond sets them apart.

“They’re my closest friends, I spend a lot of time with them and I never get bored of them.” said senior Alyssa Strzalka.

You can hear Owlcappella roar March 29th at their release party in Rock Hall. For more information on the group, please visit: https://www.owlcappella.com

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