Students Evacuated after False Alarm in Res. Hall

Students were evacuated from residential hall Temple Towers on Cecil B. Moore Ave. It happened at approximately 12:20 p.m. and students were not allowed in for 20 minutes.

Director of Campus Safety Services Charles Leone said this was caused by a false alarm.

The smoke seen in the picture above was actually steam that came off a relief pipe from a maintenance room in the building. This ended up tripping the alarm on the first floor, in a non-residential area.

The smoke went up the smoke stack and looked like it was coming from the roof when walking near Towers.

Philadelphia Fire Department responded to the incident and no one was injured.

Residence Hall Director Dolores Costanzo sent an email to the students in the affected residence hall informing them what had occurred to prompt the evacuation and to warn them they will “experience a delay obtaining hot water.” Constanzo says the fire alarms worked perfectly and had quickly alerted the fire department that something was wrong.

This happened the same week that students were evacuated from the 1940 Residence Hall after a pipe burst in the building spreading water throughout.

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