First Semester for Temple’s Smoking Ban

Temple University’s new tobacco-free policy is here for the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year, making all tobacco products on campus prohibited.

The ban will impact all smoke devices, ranging from cigarettes to the popular JUUL vape and other vaporizers like it, with the stated goal being “to eliminate the use of all tobacco products in all indoor and outdoor spaces at each Temple campus in the United States” according to a University release.

Students caught on campus smoking will be given a card via the College of Public Health, urging students to stop smoking and providing resources for quitting.

“I hope that this environment now, will help people to think again about whether they really want to smoke, and will prevent students from starting,” College of Public Health Dean Laura Siminoff said in an interview with Temple Update regarding the ban and its impact.

As for students who do smoke, like Temple senior Matthew Havens, the ban has been difficult, though they are open to possible compromise, suggesting “At most, just a limited space for smokers that separates the people that dislike and actually use it.” Havens told Temple Update.

The office of student conduct, however, has not yet decided on what the designated repercussions should be for a smoking offence, but have stated that it will be handled much like any other policy violation on campus.

You can find the full release and notice by the University below or online here.


To the Temple community:

I am pleased to announce we will be moving toward a tobacco-free campus in the coming months. Last year, the Presidential Smokefree Campus Task Force issued its final report, and after deliberations by university leadership, I have agreed we should move ahead with the group’s recommendations.

The task force was led by College of Public Health Dean Laura Siminoff and consisted of dedicated students, faculty and staff. After extensive data collection and review, the task force recommended Temple should join the growing number of universities that are committed to the creation of a healthier working, learning and living environment.

A comprehensive policy that will address all forms of tobacco—not just combustible products—is now being created. The goal of the policy is to eliminate the use of all tobacco products in all indoor and outdoor spaces at each Temple campus in the United States. We plan to attack the issue on a number of fronts, including smoking cessation to help students, faculty and staff break their nicotine addiction.

The full report is available here. We are in the process of completing a policy to enact the recommendations. The goal is to have the policy in place by July 1, with full implementation taking place at the start of the 2019 fall semester.

I want to thank Dean Siminoff and the entire task force for their detailed analysis, careful consideration and continued support as we complete and implement the policy. Their work will lead to a healthier Temple University community.


Richard M. Englert

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