Young Voices Being Heard at New Voices Festival

The New Voices Festival, which runs through October 10th, features six plays that won 1st place in The Young Playwrights 2015 Annual Playwriting Festival.

These plays were selected from more than eight hundred submitted by local middle and high school kids. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.45.49 PMEach play submitted to the Playwriting Festival also receives written feedback from professional theater artists.

The kids are encouraged to work on and improve their theater writing skills while letting their voices be heard. One of the plays, “Our Hands are Up” written by Jade Perrin, a ninth grade student at Independence Charter School, brings the story of the shooting of Michael Brown on stage.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights is an organization that focuses on improving young students writing, creation, and production of theater. The playwrights are able to take advantage of the resources the organization has to offer, from teaching artists to production specialists and literary committee members.

Temple University undergraduate theater students perform in these plays, and their involvement goes even further by working hand in hand with the young playwrights during rehearsals.

Tickets to all shows are free, but reservations are required. The full performance schedule can be found on their website.

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