Live From London: An Update on the Westminster Attack

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Our London correspondent Alexa Ross reports live from London with an update after a car was driven into a crowd at the Westminster Bridge. He managed to fatally stab another victim before he was shot and killed by British authorities. British Police identified 52-year old Khalid Masood as the assailant in the attack on the British Parliament. Alexa was at the Westminster Bridge just 24 hours before the attacks, working on another story for Temple Update. *Special thanks to her videographer, Matt Rego.

Masood drove a grey SUV into a crowd of people on the Westminster Bridge, one of who was rescued from the river. The car crashed into the gates of the Palace of Westminster, while Parliament was in session, and fatally stabbed a police officer in the palace courtyard. Armed guards shot and killed Masood on the spot. Temple University student Abby Markle, a junior film major studying abroad in London this semester, was near the Westminster Bridge at the time of Masood’s attack. This is her account of the incident.

“I got off the bus stop at Westminster Abbey to do a delivery in the park…I saw a couple people start to get in a fight and I just kept walking because I thought people were fighting because that what happens … As soon as I got back to my internship and back on wifi I realized what had
happened…There was a second I was in the park and I took a slight step back and I fixed myself and if I didn’t take that one step back, I could have been the person who was pushed or attacked or hurt… It’s unbelievable but then you have to face it because you’re literally there and it was just a lot to come out of that and be like okay I’m still ok….”
Temple has reached out to all of it’s students studying abroad in London and all have been confirmed safe.

Temple Rome Anniversary Brings Weeklong Food Celebration to Main Campus

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Temple University is celebrating 50 years of Temple Rome with a week-long food themed celebration hosted by the Education Abroad office from.

“Well of course food is Italian tradition, Italian culture, and it seemed like a great way to celebrate Temple University Rome’s 50th and also a way that the full university community could take advantage,” Denise Connerty, Assistant Vice President for Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses said.

The celebration started with the event “Tasting Rome” at Melograno Restaurant, a restaurant owned by Temple University alum Marie Tran and her husband, Chef Gianluca Demontis. Tran met her husband while studying abroad in Rome through Temple. They served an authentic Italian dish, and all proceeds collected will benefit the Temple Rome Scholarship Fund.

Another event in the celebration was Food Truck Festa. Alumni-owned food trucks served and highlighted Italian dishes at the Bell Tower. Music was played and attendees got the opportunity to find out more information on study abroad opportunities.

“I just like how there are a lot of food trucks I haven’t tried, so it’s nice to go around and see what they have and taste different things,” Temple junior Mina Tatar said.

The week will conclude with a night of networking at the Fox School of Business with members of Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphiaand fried artichoke food sampling. Senior, Kayla Karp will also present her project: 3,000 years in the making: The Story of Jews in Rome which is a project she started while studying abroad in Rome last year.

“We’re given our education and we are given the opportunity to have these classes and have these lessons, but very few times do we take advantage, and turn that opportunity into our ability to do something. I want to share with other students and other professionals that we have to take that step,” Karp said.

The celebration does not end here. This May, Temple University will host another week packed event to celebrate the anniversary at Temple Rome’s campus. For more information on Temple Rome and study abroad opportunities through Temple University click here.

Temple University Celebrates 50 Years of Temple Rome

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Photos courtesy of Temple Education Abroad Office

This school year marks 50 years of Temple University’s Rome, Italy campus. To celebrate in Philadelphia, the Education Abroad office on main campus is hosting events starting on March 20 of Roman Food and Foodways, a popular aspect of Italy.

“The events were inspired by the connection of Italian food being a big part of the culture while  students study abroad in Italy, so we wanted to highlight all parts of that to celebrate and connect the two cultures,” Giovanna Cucciniello, the Institutional Relations Manager of Temple’s Education Abroad office said.

Registration for all the events are open online, and most are free to the public. The week kicks off with Tasting Rome at Philadelphia restaurant, Melograno Restaurant. Temple alum and co-owner Marie Tran opened the restaurant with her husband a few years ago. They will be serving an authentic Italian dish, and all proceeds will benefit the Temple Rome Scholarship Fund.

The week will conclude with a night of networking at the Fox School of Business with Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphia (“P.I. Philly”) and food tasting. Fox student, Kayla Karp will also present her project that is 3,000 years in the making: The Story of Jews in Rome at this event.

The middle of the week will consist of a Slow-Food Documentary Screening on Tuesday, Food Truck Festa at the Bell Tower on Wednesday, and 50 Foods of Lazio, 50 Years in Rome on Thursday.

All events will have tables highlighting study abroad opportunities worldwide and different opportunities open to all students in Temple Rome. To learn more information about the weeklong events, or other upcoming events including the golden celebration of Temple University Rome, visit the study abroad website. 


Temple Students Adjust to New Home in Spain

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Temple Update Oviedo Correspondent Jon Dowding filed this reports on how students are getting used to the language, culture and customs of Spain:

After a week-long orientation filled with visits to world heritage sites in and around, students in the Temple Spain program have moved onto their homes in Oviedo until the end of the semester. Whether its practicing their soccer skills or exploring the Royal Palace in Madrid, students in the Temple Spain program have learned a lot about the Spanish language and culture since landing in January. Jacob DeAngeles told us, “I wanted to come on the Spain program so I could have an immersive experience. I feel like when you’re learning a language, having yourself surrounded by the language 24/7 is a really good way to have everything stick.”

Kayla Harnish said that after a bit of rocky start, she’s getting acclimated: “It just became all real to me that this is going to be my home for the next five months and it kind of freaked me out a little bit. But, you know, I got over it and I think I’m starting to get used to it now.” Eliana Hawkins wants to use eventually use Spain as a base for wider travels: “Academically, I want to become more fluent with my Spanish and feel more comfortable speaking and having conversations and discussing my likes, dislikes, you know that sort of thing. And I’d also like to travel a lot and get to see Europe.”

Everyday, students representing many different countries come to La Casa De Las Lenguas at La Universidad De Oviedo. Their classes include Written Expression, Oral Expression, Spanish Culture and Hispanic-American Culture — just to name a few. Eliana says she’s meeting students from all over: “We have a group from China, a group from Japan. There’s a couple from the United States. There’s some students we met from Virginia Tech. There’s some from Iowa, a couple girls from Miami. So there’s definitely a variety of students.”

Although Oviedo does not quite have the hustle-and-bustle of Philadelphia, Temple students are still learning to call this new place home.

Update Abroad: A Very Dublin Christmas

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Carolers and festive lights brighten the streets of Dublin now that the holiday season is here.

Stores are already crowded with holiday shoppers, and a few stopped to tell me about their Dublin Christmas traditions.

“You have to walk up Grafton Street coming up to Christmas after they turn the lights on,” said shopper Ana Loughlin.

“There’s always like big bands and acts that always like play up at the top of the street for charity and stuff like that, like you’d get Bono and Hozier and they always just play randomly on Christmas Eve every year,” added Dublin native Robert Adamson.

I also found out what foods fill their tables on Christmas Day.

Long-time Dublin resident John Cully remembers that “a thing called spiced round is very popular at Christmas and we always got that” at his family’s holiday meals, and Adamson added, “baked potatoes, croquettes – it’s basically just potatoes and meat.”

Loughlin told me that a traditional Irish Christmas meal would include “brussel sprouts usually, but not everybody likes that so it depends who you ask. Carrots – but it’s really the turkey, ham, stuffing. It has to be good stuffing.”

And of course, the Irish pub scene plays a big role in the festivities – “especially with the whole Twelve Pubs of Christmas tradition,” remarked Adamson.

“You know, people you have to meet for Christmas drinks in the specific pubs in town as well, like O’Donoghue’s or Searson’s and places like that. There’s like really Christmas-y pubs that kind of – that’s what makes me feel it’s Christmas,” says Loughlin.

Several Christmas markets are set to open next weekend and nearly every street of the city is adorned with holiday lights. In fact, the Dublin City Council hung just over 47,000 festive light bulbs on Grafton Street alone.

And with holiday shoppers filling the stores to the sound of Christmas music, there’s no doubt that Dubliners are ready for Christmas.

Take a peek at more of this year’s Dublin holiday events here.

Update Abroad: London on a Budget

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How have Temple students managed living in the most expensive city in the world for an entire semester? With a skill that every college student has learned to master: budgeting. We recently spoke with students about the best tips to saving money while making the most of their time in the United Kingdom.
“You can have a good time on a tight budget. It’s definitely not impossible to not go crazy spending and still have a good time over here,” said Temple student Steven Bohnel. 
From grocery shopping to finding the perfect Christmas gift, the Owls living in London have cracked the code to living abroad while saving money.

Temple Owl Finds a Second Home in Dublin

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One of our very own Temple Owls has found a second home while studying abroad with SMC Study Away.

Temple University Senior Ana Padilla decided to take her studies overseas to Ireland this semester.

She studies at the Dublin Business School, a college in Dublin city centre with a large number of international students. She enjoys the diverse population, saying, “I have classes with Irish students, I’m in a group project with German students, and there’s a lot of people just from all over the place, so it’s good to get to meet people from different backgrounds.”

Ana is able to take courses that directly relate to and count towards her Journalism major at Temple, such as her magazine production class.

“Magazines are actually something that I’m interested in getting into, so it’s good practice for me to get to learn about how to put together a magazine, what it takes to be on the production team, so it’s really good experience,” says Padilla.

She also has an internship with one of the biggest newspapers in Ireland, the Irish Daily Star, and says, “I’m actually writing articles for their website and putting out my own material every week when I’m there, so it’s a good opportunity.”

With only a few weeks of the semester left, Ana is grateful for her time spent overseas, and feels, “I definitely made the right choice coming abroad, traveling is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I really needed to take this opportunity while I’m in school, to be able to go abroad and visit a new country.”

As one of only four students from Temple currently studying at Dublin Business School, Ana is gaining a unique experience that will help her pursue a career in photojournalism after graduation.

Study Away LA: Thanksgiving Break

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Three thousand miles away from home, Temple students studying in LA are trying to get a taste of their East Coast homes for Thanksgiving.

Maddie McDonald, a senior Media Studies and Production student, will be sharing Thanksgiving with a friend from her home town.

“My best friend is flying out and she has family that’s staying out here,” McDonald said.

Her first major holiday away from her own family is giving her the chance to be an honorary member of another.

“It’s nice because I’ll get to be the little extended cousin and do the whole family thing without my real family being out here so it’s a nice home away from home.”

Some families are making the long flight out, but with a new twist to Thanksgiving meal.

“My family is coming out. We usually stay in and have a big thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family, but since it’s just us we’re going to go to P.F. Chang’s,” Nick Foye said.

Foye isn’t the only one to enjoy home cooking this holiday season. Isaiah Moore is welcoming another family’s recipe onto his palate this year.

“My good friend and roommate Gabe, his mother is coming up, and she’s going to make us a turkey,” Moore said.

A “Friendsgiving” is replacing Thanksgiving for some without family making the trip.

“My boyfriend’s coming out and then I’m visiting my friend in San Francisco and we’ll have a little Friendsgiving and it’ll be great,” Kaitlin Osborn, a senior MSP student, said.

While it might not be the traditional “Thanksgiving” meal, many of the same favorites will be present.

“I’m planning on having some cranberry sauce and some mashed potatoes and like some stuffing, you know, the classics,” Osborn said.

Dana Sliwinski, a senior studying Film and Media Arts, is taking the opportunity to perfect a family tradition, herself.

“My grandma make the best home made rolls. So I’m going to make them out here this time. I’ll make them myself so I’ll have a little piece of that, out here while I’m away from home”

Others are gaining a new perspective on their home away from home.

“This town is packed, but apparently this place is a ghost town on thanksgiving day and I really want to see what that looks like,” Patrick Dwyer, a senior FMA student, said.

While he says he’ll miss his large and still growing family, Dwyer isn’t worried about his first Thanksgiving away from Pennsylvania.

“I’m sure there’ll be other people here and we’ll make the best of it.”

Update Abroad: London Reacts to Trump Presidency

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Americans were glued to their screens when the future of our country was announced Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. Across the world, in the UK, Londoners and Temple Owls tuned into to see the end results.

Londoner, Becky Black, says, “I went to bed at eleven and Hillary was in the lead and then I woke up at five and Donald Trump had practically won.”

UK residents couldn’t believe their eyes when seeing the news. Black says for the US to follow Obama’s advice of supporting the new president.

Temple London Owl, Emily Savidge says “It didn’t feel real.”

“I think there will be definitely be some tension but I think overall everything will be okay.”

Upon returning, we can only hope that the world puts aside their differences and begin to build together with their newly elected President.

Londoners React to Presidential Election

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With Election Day upon us, Americans have not been the only ones keeping up with who is getting closer to getting the oval office.

We stopped and talked to Londoners around the South Kensington and Imperial College area to learn more about their final thoughts on this year’s election.

“A joke: that’s how I feel,” Londoner Jessica Burbury said about the US Election. “They’ve shamed each other a lot more than in previous elections. Like, it’s very personal. Like, when you listen to the debate and things. I watched the first one and it’s more like an attack on each other and less talk of the politics and things that people would be interested in.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to have the support of Londoners, as her political career has made her the best fit to be the next President of the United States. Londoners report that they can’t wait to see the results from tonight’s polls and get this election over with.