An In Depth Look At The 2018 TSG Election Campaigns

With Temple Student Government elections coming up next Wednesday, April 4th, and Thursday, April 5th, the campaign tickets are each campaigning hard to earn your votes. This year, there are three platforms running: Unite TU, Ignite TU, and Voice TU.

Unite TU presidential candidate Danny Borine says they are focused on three pillars: supporting Temple students, improving existing resources, and accountability.

“Unite TU’s number one goal overall is to be proactive. We don’t believe that we need to react to situations if we can prevent them from happening,” explains Borine. 

One initiative they plan to put in place is Narcan training for faculty and students, and to expand the on-campus response team.

Ignite TU has a campaign slogan of “enhance, amplify, and empower.” Their presidential candidate ,Gadi Zimmerman, expressed the importance of the tangible goals Ignite TU hopes to achieve.

“I think making sure all students are included,” says Zimmerman. “That we are a diverse university, but we are not inclusive of all backgrounds and cultures of people. We are all passionate about including all of the voices that haven’t been heard.” 

Ignite TU hopes to improve current student issues such as the FLIGHT system, and work to increase security at Temple’s Regional Rail during dusk and night hours.

Voice TU, headed by presidential candidate Tyler Lum, explains their goals.

“Our platform is built on three pillars: unite, grow and advocate,” says Lum. “We want students to be vocal about issues, we want students to voice their opinion, whether that be in a formal or informal setting, and we want them to know that we have their back and that they’re being heard.” 

Voice TU hopes to address hate speech issues, provide childcare services for students with children, and improve international student orientations to be more comprehensive.


To view each campaign’s entire platform, click here:

Unite TU 

Ignite TU 

Voice TU 


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