Ignite TU Campaigning for Your Vote in the TSG 2018 Election

“I’m running for president and running with Ignite TU because I really do want to make a difference on campus and create change for the better for all Temple students.”

Enhance, amplify and empower. These three words are what Temple University junior, Gadi Zimmerman, is basing his campaign on as he runs for Student Government President. His team, Ignite TU, is one of three campaigns contending to represent Temple’s student body in the upcoming year. Cameron Cazkor is the Vice Presidential Candidate of External Affairs, and Trenton Reardon is the Vice Presidential Candidate of Services. 

The Ignite TU candidates worked together in creating a platform for their campaign, which aims to enhance the lives of all students. The team will commit to raise awareness for mental health resources and improve campus safety. Another initiative of their platform is to amplify the voices of the North Philadelphia community. They plan on achieving this by working with community members and advocating for them, ensuring their voices are heard.

“We are against the proposed stadium on campus, or off campus, and we want to make sure that we are advocating on behalf of the North Philadelphia community and that we’re listening to them,” says Zimmerman.

Striving to amplify student and community voices even further, the Ignite TU team wants to continue fighting against on-campus hunger and raise awareness of food insecurity. As president for Challah for Hunger, Gadi worked with the university to fundraise and help support the new food pantry on campus: Cherry Pantry. He wants to reach even more students that are seeking help on an even bigger platform, like TSG. 

Ignite TU also wants to empower student organizations and Parliament by reforming TSG’s weekly General Assembly meetings. Ignite TU plans to implement optional Student Government Town Halls. These gatherings will feature guest speakers in hopes to more accurately respond to the needs and requests of Temple students. 

“We want to get rid of Temple General Assembly meetings. We don’t think that they are inclusive to everyone. We are all passionate about including all of the voices that haven’t been heard,” Zimmerman explains.

Ignite TU’s full platform is available to read here.

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