COVID-19’s Impact on Fresh Grocer

Fresh Grocer is one of the few grocery stores located in North Philadelphia. As concern about COVID-19 outbreak spreads, it is one of the many stores being affected.

As you walk through the store, complete aisles are empty and paper-products and non-perishable food items are hard to come by.

Temple student Sean Williams describes his grocery shopping experience saying, “I was just over by the paper towels and the toilet tissue and entire shelves are empty…. there’s no chicken, no regular poultry. It’s really weird to see a grocery store like this, I’ve only seen stuff like this in the movies.”

People rushed out to shop after the city of Philadelphia announced restrictions on business on Monday. Under these new restrictions, all non-essential commercial establishments will close.

However, as grocery stores, including Fresh Grocer, are considered an essential business, they will remain open.

Still many people are panic buying items. Temple student Ambria Horne thinks people are panic buying in bulk because “we don’t really know if we are going to get stuck in our houses or quarantined.”

Williams adds that he thinks people are panic buying because “everyone is hearing everyone else panic buying and that’s making them feel left out… like if I don’t panic buy then I’m going to be the one left without stuff in this Apocalypse.”

Nevertheless, Fresh Grocer insists there is no reason to panic. Employees will continue to restock, and they will remain open.

In a statement released online, Fresh Grocer said that they are “continually monitoring information pertaining to the coronavirus outbreak and how it is affecting our communities.”

They add that their top priority is “the safety and well-being of our Associates and customers.”

For now, grocery stores in Philadelphia will stay open. People are urged to buy goods and groceries conscientiously, maintain proper hygiene, and to continue social distancing as much as possible.

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