Girl Sentenced In Brick Attack

G2NPCBEAT27COne the three girls who are accused of attacking two Temple students with a brick was sentenced to up to six years in prison yesterday.

According to court documents, Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Erdos sentenced Zaria Estes 2-and-a-half to six years in prison. The Roxborough teen was 15 when the attacked occurred in March 2014.

Estes pleaded guilty to being the one who randomly struck student Abbey Luffy in the face with a brick, leaving her with a broken a jaw.

While Estes was charged as an adult, the other two girls, Najee Bilal and Kanesha Gainey, are being tried as juveniles in Family Court.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, this is because they allegedly only used their fists.

In the wake of the attack, Temple Police expanded its jurisdiction west of campus. The story made national headlines and the girls were arrested following the release of this video:

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