Freely Magazine Launches with Special Event

International students at Temple are now coming together to share their cultural experiences from home and in America in a new way. Freely Magazine is a brand new online publication run by international and domestic students at Temple University. With a staff of forty students, Freely Magazine is focusing on showcasing the cultural backgrounds of international students. View More »

Live From London: An Update on the Westminster Attack

Our London correspondent Alexa Ross reports live from London with an update after a car was driven into a crowd at the Westminster Bridge. He managed to fatally stab another victim before he was shot and killed by British authorities. British Police identified 52-year old Khalid Masood as the assailant in the attack on the British Parliament. View More »


Temple Rome Anniversary Brings Weeklong Food Celebration to Main Campus

Temple University is celebrating 50 years of Temple Rome with a week-long food themed celebration hosted by the Education Abroad office from. “Well of course food is Italian tradition, Italian culture, and it seemed like a great way to celebrate Temple University Rome’s 50th and also a way that the full university community could take advantage,” Denise Connerty, Assistant Vice President for Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses said. View More »

The 89th Academy Awards Ends With Historic Mistake

The 89th Academy Awards was filled with many memorable moments which is to be expected when you pack a room with Hollywood’s most prestige artists. However, Sunday night featured one moment that was particularly unforgettable. Perhaps the most talked about moment came at the very end when the Oscar for Best Picture was given to the wrong movie. View More »


Your Weekly Edition of Temple Timeout

We are back from spring break with a brand new edition of Temple Timeout. Vince Coll and Bri Hofsass have a recap of the women’s basketball team’s heartbreaking loss against the Oregon Ducks, as well as your top ten plays of the season from the men’s squad. View More »

Local Basketball Stars Headed to Premier College Programs

On any given weekday at Neumann-Goretti High School, you’ll find the boys’ basketball team practicing hard in their gym.  The team has had a winning tradition, along with a tradition of producing D-1 college athletes – like Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson. View More »